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Bethany ARP Church is a congregation of men and women who believe in the plain teaching of Holy Scripture. What we mean by that is when God reveals Himself to men in the Bible He means what He says. The most important thing the Lord has shown to us is that we have hope in the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Bethany is a church made up of sinners, seeking by grace through faith to be made more like our Savior each and every day.

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We invite you to check out the site and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch with our pastor, the Rev. Benjamin Glaser at

A place to start may be by watching one of the daily video devotions Rev. Glaser brings three times a week or read one of his Tuesday/Thursday written devotions.

So What Exactly is an Associate Reformed Presbyterian??????

That’s a question we get all the time so don’t worry about not knowing. 😊

An ARP, or Associate Reformed Presbyterian is just a shorthand way of saying that when the Bible says it, we believe it. We trust the Westminister Confession of Faith and the Shorter and Larger Catechisms to be the best summary of biblical faith and subscribe to it as our own.

Associate means we come from a people who believe in preaching the good news of Christ to everyone, no matter who they are, because everyone needs Jesus. Reformed says that we believe the Bible to teach that since we are all sinners who fall short that only by the grace freely offered in the Gospel by the Father and given by the Holy Spirit can any person come to believe and be saved. Now, for that last one? Presbyterian? All that says is about how we do things at Bethany. We don’t leave decisions up to one person, and those who do go about that are chosen by the people, from the people. We are also part of something bigger than ourselves. We see ourselves as an embassy, an outpost if you will, that has joined together with likeminded brothers and sisters throughout the Southeast (and even as far north as Canada!) to bring Christ Jesus to folks who need Him.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Involved at Bethany Church?

Well, the simple answer to that is: nothing. You don’t have to do anything. Just come. Be a part of our church family. See what we are about. Ask questions. We’d love to have you with us and if there is something we can do for you please feel free to ask our pastor, Rev. Benjamin Glaser.

See you soon!

Have a wonderful day!

Regular Schedule and Activities

Sunday Schedule Men's Prayer Meeting............9:30am Sabbath School...................10:00am Morning Worship.................11:00am Evening Worship....................5:30pm Wednesday Nights Youth Groups......................6:30pm Adult Prayer Meeting..........6:30pm

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We are currently in a series from Deuteronomy. Our goal in this series is to learn from the warnings of God towards violating His covenant and the promises which come from trusting in Him.

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Our active covenant youth give back to their community and enjoy fellowship together!

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About Us
Who is Bethany?
Bethany is a collection of men, women, and children dedicated to serving Christ and loving one another by faith and grace. We are a family connected together through a common purpose to honor our great and mighty God in His worship and in our lives as we live in community with our neighbors.

We are a member church of Catawba Presbytery of the ARP Synod. For more about our denomination see this link!

What does Bethany believe?
  • Being a Presbyterian church we confess the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, ARP edition.
  • We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, the only perfect rule of faith and practice.
  • We believe that because of Adam’s sin all people are born in sin and in need of being spiritually reborn through the inward work of the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe salvation is by grace through faith in Christ’s perfect life and sacrificial death on the cross where He paid for the sins of His people and we receive His righteousness.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is Lord over all the Earth and that every part of the Christian life is to be lived to the glory of God and under His command and that all the world is called to submit to the King of Kings.
  • We believe God’s people must express their faith through worship and holy living.
  • We believe the Church exists to exalt the Lord, to equip the saints, and to evangelize the world.

What does a normal year look like at Bethany?
Every church has its own identity and things that they do that make them unique. At Bethany one of our favorite things is worship! Every week during the year we meet on Sunday for worship at 11:00am. Every Sunday is a special day for the Christian, yet something to take note of is our once a year off-campus retreat up in the mountains. We go for a time of relaxation and refreshment at the end of August as we head up to our denominational campgrounds called "Bonclarken", located in Flat Rock, North Carolina. We have a weekend of fun and games with times of devotional reflection ending on Sunday with worship and a fellowship meal provided by our Deacons.

For more on our weekly activities see this link.

What must I do to enter Heaven?

Long ago, a jail keeper asked this question. There is no more important question that you can ask in life. Many answers are given – doing good works, trusting in one’s baptism, church membership, or being related to a Godly relative. What does God’s Word say?

  1. Realize that you are a sinner and cannot save yourself.  For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. – ROMANS 3:23
  2. Know that Jesus Christ alone has already provided the way of salvation. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – JOHN 3:16
  3. Receive Christ as your Lord and Savior. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. – ROMANS 10:13
  4. Repent of your sins, confess them and forsake them. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. – I JOHN 1:9
Rev. Benjamin Glaser

2017 – present
Rev. Benjamin P. Glaser is our pastor, having been called to Bethany in October of 2017. He was born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia, later serving in the United States Marine Corps on active duty from 1998-2002. Following graduation from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005, he prepared for the ministry at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary with additional coursework at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary completing his studies in the spring of 2009. He is currently working on his dissertation for the Doctor of Ministry degree from Erskine Theological Seminary.

Rev. Glaser currently serves the wider church as chairman of the Inter-Church Relations Committee of Synod, Synod Bill Clerk, and as Stated Clerk of Catawba Presbytery. 

He previously served as pastor of Ellisville Presbyterian Church, ARP, in Ellisville, Mississippi from 2010-2017.

Rev. Glaser and his wife Brandy are the proud parents of four children, a collie/shepherd mix, named Lucy, and a heeler/shepherd mix named Leroy.

They look forward to getting to know you and yours!

Our Pastor
Church Officers and Staff
As a Presbyterian church we are served by Elders and Deacons working together to oversee the spiritual and physical well-being of our members and our church facilities.

The Session
  • Fred Faulkner – Clerk of Session
  • Randy Carroll
  • Jimmy McGill
  • Adam Smith
  • Ronnie Smith
The Deacons
  • Logan Carroll – Chairman of the Diaconate
  • Matt Carroll
  • Jimmy Davidson
  • Matthew Earls
  • David Gordon
  • David McGill
  • Joey McGill
Church Staff
  • Jeanne Seay – Youth Director
  • Shirley Davis - Treasurer
  • Kelly Fowler – Pianist
  • Pam Walker – Women of the Church President
  • Jimmy McGill – Sabbath School Superintendent 
Session, Deacons, and Church Staff
History of Bethany ARP
Where have we come from?

Prior to 1793, all Presbyterians near Kings Mountain worshiped together. About that year, some members withdrew and applied to the Synod of the Carolinas for a preacher. Together they built a mountain cabin for worship near Sparrow Springs. The Reverend William Dickson, a Scots-Irish immigrant, became their pastor.

After worshiping together for two years, this church divided peacefully, one group moving to Gaston County, N.C. and the other forming Bethany ARP Church in York County, SC. Our first services were held in a brush arbor near a spring across from the present cemetery. On June 5, 1797, Bethany was officially organized and the Rev. Dixon was installed as our first pastor.
As Bethany grew over the years, it has worshiped in several locations. The brush arbor was soon replaced by a log church. A frame building served the congregation from 1876 until 1914 when construction began on the present building, and an educational wing was added in 1960.

Bethany has truly been a mother church, giving up members to form 19 other congregations in Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and both North and South Carolina.

For a more detailed history see this link:


Rev. William Dickson
1797 – 1831
Rev. William Dickson was born in Cookstown County, Tyrone, Ireland about 1760. He was educated at Glasgow, Scotland and studied theology under a very famous professor, John Brown of Haddington. About this time he was seized by a British recruiting ship and press gang on passage between Ireland and Scotland. Here compelled to do service as a common sailor for several months, his discharge was eventually secured through the influence of an Irish nobleman. Mr. Dickson, a teacher, emigrated with his family to South Carolina in 1793. The next year he was received by the A.R. Presbytery of the Carolinas and Georgia, completing his theological studies under the Rev. Peter McMullen, an Associate Reformed minister in Due West, SC. In 1795, he was licensed to preach by this same Presbytery. From 1797 to his death in 1831, he labored faithfully at Bethany and Pisgah. He and his wife, Martha, had 3 children.

Rev. Dr. Robert Calvin Grier
1841 – 1847
Rev. Robert Calvin Grier, D.D., was born March 2, 1817, in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina, in the bounds of the Sardis congregation, the pastoral charge of his father, the Rev. Isaac Grier. His father was the first Presbyterian minister born in the State of Georgia. R. C. Grier began his theological studies under his father and completed them at Erskine Theological Seminary. He was licensed by the First Presbytery in April 1839, and he was ordained and installed pastor over Bethany and Pisgah congregations in June 1841. This was his first pastoral charge. In 1847, he resigned to become President of Erskine College. For the remainder of his life he labored in Due West as pastor of the Due West Church and as President and Professor of the College. Dr. Grier’s death was on March 30, 1871. He and his wife, Barbara, had 11 children.

Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Erskine Boyce
1849 – 1885
Rev. Ebenezer Erskine Boyce, D.D., was born in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina on December 12, 1820. Following graduation from Erskine Seminary, he began some early work in Virginia, West Tennessee and Kentucky. He was ordained pastor of Bethany and Pisgah in 1849. Dr. Boyce is noteworthy for having the longest pastorate in the history of Bethany ARP Church, 36 years. This was his first and only ministry and it continued until 1885 afterwhich he continued as pastor at Pisgah until 1893. Dr. Boyce departed this life on November 5, 1902. The entire General Synod, then meeting in Gastonia, NC, attended and conducted his funeral. He was married twice and had several children.

Rev. Dr. Robert Milton Stevenson
1887 – 1911
Rev. Robert Milton Stevenson, D.D., was born in the bounds of New Hope congregation, Fairfield County, South Carolina on November 20, 1860. His seminary training was taken at Erskine Seminary. Having been licensed by First Presbytery in 1880, Rev. Stevenson began preaching in Winnsboro, South Carolina. From 1882 until 1886, he served several churches in Virginia. In 1886, he took up the duties of stated supply of Kings Mountain and Bethany churches in South Carolina. On May 13, 1887, Rev. Stevenson was installed as a part time pastor of Bethany. In 1892, he was installed as part time pastor at Crowder’s Creek and in 1893, as part time pastor at Clover. To these three churches he ministered until 1911, when he became Editor-in-Chief of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian in Due West, South Carolina, a position he held until his retirement in 1941. Dr. Stevenson died on December 3,1942. He and his wife, Emma, had 6 children.

Rev. Dr. William Pressly Grier
1912 – 1946
Dr. William Pressly Grier, D.D., was born at Due West on December 26, 1887 and attended local schools there. He attended Erskine College where he distinguished himself as an athlete in baseball and tennis. Following graduation from Erskine, he taught for a brief period in Tennessee. He graduated from Erskine Seminary in 1912 and was licensed to preach that same year by the Second Presbytery. On July 5, 1912, he was ordained by First Presbytery at Bethany ARP Church and installed as pastor of Bethany, Clover, and Crowder’s Creek churches. Under Dr. Grier’s leadership, these churches grew in number significantly. In 1934, Erskine College conferred upon him the degree of D. D. In 1946, Dr. Grier resigned from Bethany and became full time pastor at Clover until his death in 1952. He and his wife, Nellie, had 5 children.

Rev. Murray White Griffith
1946 – 1949
Rev. Murray White Griffith, was born in Mecklenberg County on August 10, 1905 and raised in the bounds of the Ebenezer ARP Church. Following graduation from Erskine College, he taught and later worked for Southern Railway in Virginia. With a desire to be a foreign missionary, Mr. Griffith entered Erskine Seminary and graduated in 1931. Though he did not enter the mission field, he did serve several pastorates in South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. These labors continued until the spring of 1946 when he was called to be pastor of Bethany and Crowder’s Creek churches. In May 1949, Rev. Griffith accepted a work in Charlotte at the Parkwood Avenue Church in the old PCUS denomination. Rev. Griffith departed this life on August 1, 1973. He and his wife, Wilma, had 4 children.

Rev. George Seebert Lauderdale
1952 – 1957
Rev. George Seebert Lauderdale, was born on April 6, 1929 in Winnsboro, South Carolina and was raised in Lexington, Virginia in an ARP Church pastored by his father. Following graduation from Erskine College, he worked for the Virginia Department of Highways for a short period. Spiritual influences in his life which he understood as God’s call led him to enter Erskine Seminary. He graduated in 1952. On July 27 of that same year, he was installed as pastor of Bethany. Under his leadership, the church grew in number. Poor health led him to resign in 1957. In June of that year he accepted a call to the Ebenezer ARP Church in Lexington, Virginia. Rev. Lauderdale remains active in ministerial pursuits today. He has directed the missionary organization, Intercession for Israel, for a number of years. He also has served on the founding board of the Christian Broadcasting Network. His poetic talents are evident in the many Scripture rhymes which he has written and published. He and his wife, Sally, had 3 children.

Rev. Dr. Forrest William Sherrill
1957 – 1973
Rev. Forrest William Sherrill, STD, was born on October 17, 1904 in Iredell County, North Carolina. His mother died when he was a child. He and his brothers grew up in the Dunap Orphanage in Tipton County, Tennessee. Dr. Sherrill attended Bryson College and graduated from Erskine College in 1930. Two years later, he graduated from Erskine Seminary. In 1933, he was ordained to the ministry by First Presbytery in Gastonia, North Carolina. His early pastorates included Prosperity in South Carolina and Broad Creek in Virginia. He also served churches in Lincoln, Tennessee; Blacksburg, South Carolina; Cotton Plant, Mississippi; and Stony Point – New Amity – Elk Shoals Field in North Carolina. In 1957, he became the pastor of the Bethany ARP Church, preaching his first sermon on Mother’s Day of that year. In July, he moved his family into the community and was installed in December 1957. Dr. Sherrill’s ministry at Bethany lasted for 17 years. He retired in 1973 and continued to attend services faithfully until his death in 1986. He and his wife, Kathryn, had 8 children.

Rev. Calvin Churchill Jett
1974 – 1977
Rev. Calvin Churchill Jett was born in Batesville, Arkansas. He attended King College in Bristol, Tennessee and later prepared for the ministry at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Following graduation, he was issued a call from Bethany. Calvin was installed at Bethany, his first church, in July, 1974 and served until December, 1977. From 1978-1982, he served Calvin Presbyterian Church in Marion, NC and from 1982 until his retirement in 2010 he was the pastor of the Story Memorial Presbyterian Church in that same city. He and his wife, Susan, have 4 children.

Rev. William Langley Barron
1978 – 1981
Rev. Billy Barron was born in York, SC and raised in the York ARP Church. Following graduation from the University of South Carolina, he pursued theological training at Erskine Theological Seminary, graduating in 1978. Billy served Bethany, his first pastorate, from March, 1978 to March, 1981. Other churches he has served include the Lakeland ARP Church (now Shepherd Road) in Lakeland, Florida (1981-1984), Ebenezer ARP Church in Charlotte, NC (1984-1990), and Boyce Memorial ARP Church in Kings Mountain, NC (1990-1994). In 1995 he began to serve as pastor of Faith ARP Church in Merritt Island, Florida, from whence he recently retired. He and his wife, Sissy, have 5 children and live in Greenville, South Carolina.

Rev. David Webb Setzer
1981 – 1984
Rev. David Webb Setzer was born in Rock Hill, SC and grew up in the Southern Baptist Church. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. His preparation for the ministry was undertaken at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Erskine Theological Seminary. Prior to the ministry, David worked as an Insurance salesman and for United Parcel Service. His first pastorate was Bethany where he served from September, 1981 until September, 1984. Following his departure from Bethany, David served the Trinity ARP Mission in Columbus, Georgia and is currently retired having served as pastor of the Centennial ARP Church in Columbia, SC until 2016. He and his wife, Carol, have 4 children.

Rev. Joseph Walker Everett, III
1985 – 1991
Rev. Joseph Walker Everett, III was born in Columbia, SC, the son of an ARP minister who served the First Presbyterian Church of Rock Hill. Joe graduated from Rock Hill High School and following college worked for a time with Young Life in the Rock Hill area. This ministry was instrumental in leading him to prepare for pastoral ministry. He graduated from Erskine Theological Seminary in 1980. From 1985 until 1991, Joe pastored the Bethany ARP Church. During the next two years, he lived with his mother in Rock Hill and supplied various pulpits in the Carolinas, including a term as Interim Pastor of the Pleasant Hill ARP Church near Lancaster, SC. On November 13, 1993, the Lord called Joe home at the youthful age of 44.

Rev. Alan Arthur Morrow
1992 – 2017
Rev. Alan Arthur Morrow was called to Bethany in 1992 and faithfully served until his retirement in January of 2017. Born and raised in Ogdensburg, New York, Alan grew up in the United Presbyterian Church. Following graduation from the State University of New York, he moved to Bartow, Florida in 1972 and began work with a civil engineering firm. There he came into contact with the ARP Church. Two years later, he and his wife moved to Jackson, Mississippi where he began preparation for the ministry at Reformed Theological Seminary. Following graduation in 1980, he served the Elsberry ARP Church in Elsberry, Missouri (1980-1983) and the first Presbyterian Church in Frostproof, Florida (1983-1991). He and his wife, Delby, have 4 children and Rev. Morrow is currently serving as supply pastor of the Smyrna and Hickory Grove ARP Churches.

The Bethany ARP Cemetery actually predates the organization of the Bethany congregation. Please see the link below for more information on those who are buried here. An update is coming soon!

For information on our cemetery policy please see this link and this link.

A wonder that is deep in the heart of all men and women is that nagging suspicion of, what am I doing here and why? To help you think through that below are some items that hopefully will help you begin to answer these deeply important questions.

“What is the Gospel” by Burk Parsons

“Is There a God?” by Sinclair Ferguson

“What Do We Do With God?” by R.C. Sproul

“What is the Real Problem?” by Michael Horton

“What is God’s Answer?” by John MacArthur

“What is the Heart of the Answer?” by John Piper

In-person worship is at 11:00am with a livestream option on our FB page. 

Here is the bulletin for September 19, 2021. Currently we are in a study of Genesis! 

We invite you for Sabbath School at 10:00am. Adults will meet in the sanctuary, High School and younger will be in their classrooms on the second floor of the education wing. If you are visiting we are excited to have you and if have any questions please feel free to send an email to:

Part of the call of Jesus Christ is to ensure that His sheep are fed and to accomplish this the Bethany ARP Church will be offering several online options including Wednesday Night Bible Study as well as a daily devotional Monday-Thursday in order to meet the needs of all our members and any visitors who would like to join with us. 

Everything will then uploaded to YouTube. Link below!

Likewise on the offering front we encourage those not in attendance to mail their offering to the church: 1454 Hwy 161, Clover, SC 29710

There is an option for online giving. Please use this link:

May God's blessings and grace continue to be with you and your family in Christ.

Streaming Schedule:

To help us to continue to grow in Christ we will feature daily devotions during the week.

On every third Wednesday we will feature a Q/A for any Bible questions you may have. This can cover almost any subject you can imagine or you have questions about. The goal will be to keep it to the ten-minute mark per question. For that I hope to get to two questions per week. Please try and send them to me by Tuesday at Noon.

Mon. – The Teachings of Jesus in Mark (8:00am)

Tues. – Mornings with Charles Spurgeon (8:00am)

Wed. –  Question/Answer Bible Study (3rd Wednesday)

Thurs. – Afternoons with Charles Spurgeon (3:00pm)

May Christ's all-sufficient grace be a blessing to you!