Coronavirus Update

For the month of August we will continue with our pattern of livestream at 11:00am with welcoming those who feel led/able to come to be in the sanctuary for morning worship and those who need to/choose to stay home that you have our 100% support. We want everyone to be comfortable in whatever they understand is best for their families. 

Just to reiterate we are having public worship at the church.

We again ask all those who are coming to follow social distancing, please pay attention to the posted signs, and to be mindful of others present in regards to that. 

We will be making an announcement regarding other activities in the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow is our last sermon in our summer series on the interactions between Jesus and the Disciples. One of the things I hope we have learned through this is Christ's challenge to the disciples about taking their faith seriously. In every passage we looked at one of the key messages from our savior was about making a choice between this world and the next. We either serve Christ or we do not, there is no middle ground. Having a faith grounded in Jesus and His word is becoming more and more challenging as so much of our culture, politics, and community is openly choosing satanic lies over the beauty of God's law and His gospel grace. 

To help us continue to fight the good fight of faith we will continue this week in the book of Ephesians as we start a new series through this letter of Paul. A large part of the purpose of choosing this portion of Scripture to study is here we see a fresh reminder not only of God's authority and power over all creation, but a radical call to remember everything that we have and are is from Christ. We are called in light of this to order all of our life by His wisdom and truth. I pray our time in Ephesians is a blessing and a help in being engaged in your life for your Redeemer. 

Y'all be blessed tonight as you prepare for worship and the Lord's Day tomorrow.

Part of the call of Jesus Christ is to ensure that His sheep are fed and to accomplish this the Bethany ARP Church will be offering several online options including the Lord's Day morning and evening service, Sabbath School for Adults and Children, and Wednesday Night Bible Study as well as a daily devotional Monday-Friday in order to meet the needs of all our members and any visitors who would like to join with us.

Again if you have any questions or need anything please send an email to:

Everything will be live and then uploaded to YouTube. 

The bulletin for September 27th:

The Livestream can be found here at 11:00am, as can the morning devotion at 8:00am M-F: 

This is the link for Youtube:

Likewise on the offering front we enc7ourage those not in attendance to mail their offering to the church. 

There is an option for online giving. Please use this link:

If you have any questions please contact Rev. Glaser at 

May God's blessings and grace continue to be with you and your family in Christ. 

Streaming Schedule:

I hope the daily devotionals we've done since the middle of March have been helpful.

In order to freshen things up a bit and offer a wider "diet" this will be the new schedule beginning Monday June 1st. As you can see Wednesday will feature a Q/A for any Bible questions you may have. This can cover almost any subject you can imagine or you have questions about. The goal will be to keep it to the ten-minute mark the other morning devotions are at present. For that I hope to get to two questions per week. Please try and send them to me by Tuesday at Noon.

Mon. – Glorifying God with Thomas Watson

Tues. – Mornings with Charles Spurgeon

Wed. – Question/Answer Bible Study

Thurs. – Mornings with Charles Spurgeon

Fri. – Pastoral Hope with Samuel Rutherford

May Christ's all-sufficient grace be a blessing to you!

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 

Wednesday at 7pm (taped at 2pm):

Lessons from James

Sabbath School (Children) at 10:15am:

Reading from "God's Providence" by Sally Michael

Sabbath School (Adults) at 9:45am:

Readings from Ebenezer Erskine 

Morning Worship at 11:00am:

A Walk with Jesus and the Disciples from the Gospel of Matthew

Evening Worship at 5:00pm (Taped):

Sermons from 1 John