Session, Deacons, and Church Staff

Church Officers and Staff
As a Presbyterian church we are served by Elders and Deacons working together to oversee the spiritual and physical well-being of our members and our church facilities.

The Session
  • Fred Faulkner – Clerk of Session
  • Jimmy McGill
  • Ronnie Smith
The Deacons
  • Adam Smith – Chairman of the Diaconate
  • Matt Carroll
  • Logan Carroll
  • Jimmy Davidson
  • David Gordon
  • Matthew Earls
Church Staff
  • Julia Callister – Youth Director
  • Shirley Davis - Treasurer
  • Kelly Fowler – Pianist and Choir Director
  • Kelly Fowler – Youth Choir
  • Kim Smith – Women of the Church President
  • Jimmy McGill – Sabbath School Superintendent 
Session, Deacons, and Church Staff