Weekly updates

In-person worship is at 11:00am with a livestream option on our FB page.


Here is the bulletin for June 20, 2021. Currently we are in a study of Ephesians!


We invite you for Sabbath School at 10:00am. Adults will meet in the sanctuary, High School and younger will be in their classrooms on the second floor of the education wing. If you are visiting we are excited to have you and if have any questions please feel free to send an email to: pastor.glaser@bethanyarp.org

Part of the call of Jesus Christ is to ensure that His sheep are fed and to accomplish this the Bethany ARP Church will be offering several online options including Wednesday Night Bible Study as well as a daily devotional Monday-Thursday in order to meet the needs of all our members and any visitors who would like to join with us. 

May God's blessings and grace continue to be with you and your family in Christ. 

Everything will then uploaded to YouTube. Link below!


Likewise on the offering front we encourage those not in attendance to mail their offering to the church: 1454 Hwy 161, Clover, SC 29710

There is an option for online giving. Please use this link: https://abundant.co/generalsynodarpchurc/bethanyarp

Streaming Schedule:

I hope the daily devotionals are helpful.

As you can see Wednesday will feature a Q/A for any Bible questions you may have. This can cover almost any subject you can imagine or you have questions about. The goal will be to keep it to the ten-minute mark per question. For that I hope to get to two questions per week. Please try and send them to me by Tuesday at Noon.

Mon. – The Teachings of Jesus in Mark

Tues. – Mornings with Charles Spurgeon

Wed. – Question/Answer Bible Study

Thurs. – Evenings with Charles Spurgeon

May Christ's all-sufficient grace be a blessing to you!

Service Schedule

Sabbath School Youth and Adults at 10:00am at the Church in-person:

ARP Adult Quarterly - Job

Morning Worship at 11:00am:


Evening Worship and Prayer Meeting at 5:00pm:


Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting (Virtual): 

Wednesday at 7pm (taped at 10amish):

Lessons from Psalm 119