Our Blessing Box

On the Bethany Elementary School side of the church we now have a Blessing box! 

We are taking donations. Please see these easy instructions. 

Blessing Box Giving List


  1. Non-perishable, non-refrigerated metal canned food.
  2. All cardboard-boxed food needs to either have an interior bag or be placed in a Ziploc bag.
  3. Dog/Cat food welcomed, also if not in a metal can needs to have similar packaging as human food.
  4. Garbage bags, Ziploc bags, and any type of small household cleaning supplies. Including: hand sanitizer, napkins, dish soap, tissues, etc 
  5. Personal hygiene items like bar soap, travel-size shampoo, and toothbrushes/toothpaste. Please place these items in a Ziploc bag.


If you have questions about a particular item please either message the Bethany Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church through our Facebook page, call 803-222-9897, or send an e-mail to pastor.glaser@bethanyarp.org.

We very much appreciate your gifts and allowing us to serve the Bethany community in this way!

By His Grace,


The Bethany ARP Church Family